What to BRING when you Dig for Crystals (Check List!)
May we suggest the following be considered when preparing for your visit to the mine?
-Wear old clothes.
-Wear sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots. Sandals are not recommended.
-Although the mine is in a partly wooded area, wear a hat for sunshade and bring sunscreen.
-Bring heavy-duty gloves. Crystals are SHARP! Also, your hands might get very dirty and dry.
-Bring eye protection, to protect from dust, dirt or other debris that could affect your eyes.
-We supply buckets while you dig, but bring your own containers (buckets, bags, or newspapers) to put your crystals in to take them home.
-Bring your own hand tools for digging, such as a trowel, old screw driver for prying. Tools with handles greater than 24 inches in length are not permitted, and non-manual tools are not permitted. If you don't have tools, we will rent you a bucket of tools for only $5.
-Bring a small spray bottle of water for spraying rocks to see the formations. When rocks are full of clay, you might miss the crystals, so spraying them with water cleans them enough to see them sparkle! (a stiff brush is also a good tool....cut back the bristles on an old paint brush also works great!)
-Bring a snack or sack lunch, and plenty to drink. TRASH IN – TRASH OUT! Please take your trash home with you! NO glass containers are permitted.
-The mine is in a wooded area. Bring insect repellent and any allergy medications in case of insect bites. There are wasps, bees, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes in the area! Yes, you might see a snake... it's the WOODS... they live there! But it is very rare. You will probably never see a wild animal, bur maybe a deer from a distance!
-Bring a small stool or folding chair, a knee pad or old rug, to assist your posture when you dig.
-Please be properly prepared when bringing young children, infants, older persons, or dogs.
-Yes, you may bring your PEOPLE-FRIENDLY dog if kept on a short leash!